ProRoc 1 Coat Application Video

PDF Application Instructions

ProRoc on Gyprock

There is currently no specification for the application of either ProRoc Multifinish or Thistle Multifinish to gyprock Plasterboard in Australia. That is because the manufacture of Gyprock sheeting in Australia is different compared to Europe, Asia and the USA.

ProRoc Boardfinish is currently under development by Saint-Gobain for direct application in Australia and New Zealand, we expect this to launch in June 2021.

Common practice if you do wish to apply ProRoc Multifinish to Gyprock sheeting is to undertake a 2-coat PVA application prior to application. The 1st coat allow to fully cure for 24 hours, the 2nd coat applied to tacky prior to application of ProRoc Multifinish.

Please check with your local ProRoc distributor for commonly used PVA brands.

Please also note that as there is no Specification for application to Gyprock sheeting, work undertaken in this manner is done so at the Applicators risk. We recommend testing prior to final application to ensure you are confident in the bonding strength of your particular project.

Paint & Decoration

Multifinish Australia recommend the application of Oil-Based sealers for all Gypsum products prior to painting in Australia. Please contact your paint manufacturer for specified paint systems for application to Gypsum plasters. For ProRoc find paint specification on the ProRoc Multifinish Page.