• Shore (hardness) tests exceeding 80 attained within 8 to 16 hours of application.
  • Paint readiness 7-10 days (48 hours most instances).
  • AS 2592-1983 Gypsum Plaster for Building Purposes Australia, and HB 161 Plastering Standards Australia, compliant.
  • Warranted in Australia.


  • Reduced strain to Applicators body – hardness achieved via hydration not compression.
  • Non-hazardous product and reduced exposure of hazardous Lime to Applicators.
  • 2 hour curing arch, enabling 100 – 120M per day to be attained in application.
  • Economical cost per meter of materials utilised. 17-20M per bag achieved.


  • Superior, stronger, long lasting product for Home-owner.
  • All most impossible to dent.
  • Low VOC certification.
  • Produced to environmentally sustained standards.