ProRoc Base Coat PDF

New simple PDF instructions for our popular ProRoc Base Coat.
An excellent product to use for renovations, prior to applying ProRoc Multifinish.

ProRoc BaseCoat is a crack-free plaster, with improved heat insulation. It is a one mix bag, ready to use and easy to apply to all sound concrete and brick surfaces.

Specifically used for interior levelling applications. ProRoc BaseCoat can build between 5-50mm, and is excellent to use in renovations where there is an uneven surface, or a joint of surfaces that needs a to be flattened prior to a final skim finish, using ProRoc Multifinish.

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ProRoc 1 Coat Application

We have received a lot of interest and positive feedback regarding the new 1 coat application technique. Whilst the original 2 coat process is still successfully used, the new ProRoc K formula and the use of OX Tools’s plastic Speedskims, allows for this 1 coat process to deliver more meters in shorter timeframes.

Multifinish Australia visited Wayne De Graaf (M & W Plastering) on site to create a short video of the new 1 coat process they are using. See video below and subscribe to Multifinish Australia’s youtube channel for more educational material.

Training in the one coat method is provided free of charge. On completion you will be registered as a Multifinish Australia accredited applicator for Saint-Gobain plaster products. 
For details email

Renovation Project: The Coastal Tree House

Multifinish Australia was kindly invited to join Regency Plastering for a day as he was completing the internal finish of the Coastal Tree House by Ascher Smith.

Dave from Regency Plastering set out to go over an old dark brick wall with Pro Roc Base Coat and Pro Roc Multifinish. This particular renovation sought a different finish, where the ProRoc Multifinish was to be left unpainted, only to be sealed, for an interior Spanish feel if you wish. The living room and dining area has already been completed in this fashion, now it was time for the dark brick wall in the kitchen/living room to be covered.

This project highlights the use of our Pro Roc Base Coat, which was applied straight on to the red brick walls. Dave did two layers of the Pro Roc Base Coat, followed by two coats of Pro Roc Multifinish. He likened the process to applying 4 coats of set, and said that these products are ideal for renovations as all four layers can be applied in one day.


To see more photos and videos follow us on Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget to check out @the_coastal_treehouse and their renovation of this 70s home.


Indoor Air Comfort Gold certificate for ProRoc Multifinish.

Indoor Air Comfort Gold®  is a recognized third party certificate that assures the product fulfills low product emissions requirements. IACGold certificate shows compliance of product emissions with the criteria of many of the voluntary specifications issued by most relevant ecolabel specifications and requirements for sustainable building certifications. All of the requirements on VOC emissions of these programs are covered in the certification. Among them the Green Tag Australia Certification, as compliant with the criteria “Indoor Environment Quality- VOCs: Volatile Organic Compound emissions certification including formaldehyde”.

ProRoc Multifinish is the only Finishing Plaster System (Single product) in Australia to have attained this certification, it is a first for us.

ProRoc K Formula Review

We would again like to thank those who participated in the trials of the product, for your valuable feedback and open-mindedness towards embracing innovation and the development of products for your trade.

ProRoc Multifinish “K” Series

We are pleased to announce the arrival of ProRoc Multifinish “K” series.

ProRoc Multifinish “K” series, an advancement to the formula of our popular ProRoc Multifinish, was developed in conjunction with Saint-Gobain and a wide array of national stakeholders to deliver additional benefits to our Applictors and Builders.

We would like to thank specifically all the Applicators who participated in our trial programs over the past 12 months, and our Builder partners for their on-going support in the development of this innovative finishing plaster for the Australian market.

The ProRoc “K” series extends the curing arch of our current ProRoc variant by lengthening the open pot time, providing Applicators an additional 12-15 minutes in initial lay on time prior to the commencement of curing. It has also been further enhanced to provide additional body to the gauge, and improvements to workability, filling-in, bull-nosing, and overall finish performance. The outstanding meterage attained and low cost per meter of materials has also been maintained.

We are very grateful for the positive feedback from Applicators who have had the chance to utilise the new formula in the past week. For further information contact your local distributor, or email us direct at

The new ProRoc ‘K’ Formula

“K” Series Formula Update

We would like to again thank all the Applicators who worked with Saint-Gobain and ABN Group in the product development program’s of November 19 and Febuary 20 to assist in the “J” and “K” series updates.

We are pleased to advise the “K” series has now arrived and will be available at local distributors in the next fortnight.

The “K” series upgrade provides an Extended open pot time, Improved workability, Additional body and an increased level of “Fat”, Improved flattening and filling in on first trowel, and full Bullnosing capability.

The “K” series upgrade provides an Extended open pot time, Improved workability, Additional body and an increased level of “Fat”, Improved flattening and filling in on first trowel, and full Bullnosing capability.

Those that participated it the trials achieved improved efficiency, and meterage per day. ProRoc Multifinish “K” Series will deliver 17M – 20M per bag including free meters.

Please note water consumption per bag will be slightly reduced compared to current ProRoc for the “K” series upgrade. If you would like additional information, training, or to discuss benefits and application please message us, or email , we are very happy to assist in any way we can. We can also put you in touch with Applicators who participated in the trials so you can disucss first hand the application process and outcomes.

Development Tour

A big thank you to ABN Group, and all Applicators involved in last weeks development tour for Saint-Gobain and Multifinish Australia.
The feedback attained on the new product ranges was invaluable, and we are delighted with the success of the trials.
We will be launching the range extension in January of next year, and hope to continue to develop and evolve new and innovative products to support Applictors and encourage Builders to continue to invest in the Solid Plastering Industry.
The range extension will include next year:
  • ProRoc Multifinish – Extended Pot time
  • ProRoc Boardfinish – Direct stick application to Gyprock, No PVA base required
  • ProRoc Basecoat – Gypsum undercoat 5-50mm build up for direct application to masonry & concrete substrates.
Of course we will continue to distribute the Thistle Range also for all you BG die-hards.
If you wish to discuss any of the products planned for next year, or current ranging of ProRoc and Thistle, please contact us, we are very happy to assist where we can.