Renovation Project: The Coastal Tree House

Multifinish Australia was kindly invited to join Regency Plastering for a day as he was completing the internal finish of the Coastal Tree House by Ascher Smith.

Dave from Regency Plastering set out to go over an old dark brick wall with Pro Roc Base Coat and Pro Roc Multifinish. This particular renovation sought a different finish, where the ProRoc Multifinish was to be left unpainted, only to be sealed, for an interior Spanish feel if you wish. The living room and dining area has already been completed in this fashion, now it was time for the dark brick wall in the kitchen/living room to be covered.

This project highlights the use of our Pro Roc Base Coat, which was applied straight on to the red brick walls. Dave did two layers of the Pro Roc Base Coat, followed by two coats of Pro Roc Multifinish. He likened the process to applying 4 coats of set, and said that these products are ideal for renovations as all four layers can be applied in one day.


To see more photos and videos follow us on Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget to check out @the_coastal_treehouse and their renovation of this 70s home.


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