Thistle Multifinish

  • A purple/brown ready mix skim finish plaster popular in the United Kingdom
  • Convenient product for repair work and patching
  • Provides a strong and durable finish prior to paint application
  • Thistle Multifinish is an export product from the United Kingdom. Specifications and warranties are restricted to that region.

Thistle Multifinish in Australia

Thistle Multifinish is distributed through Australia and New Zealand as an exported product of the United Kingdom. The Specifications listed on the packaging apply only to the United Kingdom. The warranties for product application and performance are restricted to the United Kingdom also and do not apply within Australia and New Zealand.

Thistle Multifinish on Gyprock in Australia

There is currently no specification for the application of either ProRoc Multifinish or Thistle Multifinish to gyprock Plasterboard in Australia. That is because the manufacture of Gyprock sheeting in Australia is different compared to Europe, Asia and the USA.

ProRoc Boardfinish is currently under development by Saint-Gobain for direct application in Australia and New Zealand, we expect this to launch in June 2021.